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"As a homeschooling parent this site has really taken the pressure off regarding maths. This morning my son asked if he could spend the whole day on the lessons! I wish you did a course for every GCSE subject."

Katharine, Parent, leeds



Student Help & Support

  1. How to Know Where to Start
  2. What you Need in order to Use ConquerMaths
  3. How to Complete ConquerMaths Worksheets

Where to start in ConquerMaths

We recommend you also take a look at the 'How it Works' section of this website or view the 'Getting Started Guide' that is available when logging in to the lessons.

Diagnostic Tests - free access

When you first start using ConquerMaths, you might not be sure where you need to start your study. There are a number of facilities provided to help you. For Primary and Key Stage 3 students, the Diagnostic Tests at the beginning of each topic will help to point out specific gaps in knowledge and suggest which lessons need to be taken in order to correct any issues.

Accelerated Learning - view

For Key Stage 3 and 4 students and students moving from Primary to Secondary education, a number of learning plans are provided. These provide accelerated learning paths through the ConquerMaths lessons as well as a number of learning paths that guide students through the National Curriculum National Strategy for Maths.

Grade Boosters - view

Grade Boosters specifically for students taking their GCSE's advise which lessons students need to take in order to improve their grade. If, for example, you have been predicted a grade D, the ConquerMaths grade boosters suggest specifically which lessons you should take in order to improve your predicted grade to a C.

What you need to use ConquerMaths

ConquerMaths works on most computers that are connected to the Internet. Because ConquerMaths makes use of the latest Internet technologies, it is important that you keep your Internet Browser software up to date.

There are two versions of ConquerMaths. One is a Flash version which works on desktop computers and requires the Adobe Flash Player. The other is an HTML5 version which works without the need for plugins on desktop computers as well as iPhones, iPads, Android devices and almost any other Internet connected device.

Flash Player

To check your existing version of Flash or to update to the latest version, please visit

Web Browsing Software

To get the very best out of ConquerMaths and to ensure you have a fast and secure browsing experience, we recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. Google Chrome will also automatically keep your Flash Player up to date.

How to complete ConquerMaths Worksheets

Please wait while the demo loads...

If the demo does not load within 10 seconds you may need to update you computer. delivers rich multimedia content that requires the Adobe Flash Player.

Click here to download and install the latest version.